No More Cookbooks Please!

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I have tried a lot of “diets” and if there was a cookbook available, I at least seriously considered getting it. I think the first I bought was the South Beach Diet followed by the LA Weightloss Cookbook.  Several years later, I tried a 7 day intense cleanse and most recently, I bought the Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook.  Also in the mix was a neat book called “How to Cook Without a Book” which I highly recommend if you want to learn to cook more easily.

That book is linked here in case you want to check it out.

In my post “Bustin Out at Rock Bottom“, I talked about the day I made the decision to start following the Bright Line Eating (BLE) food plan (  I did buy the book, but I surprised myself by NOT buying a cookbook.

About 3 months in, I started to sense that my perspective had completely shifted. If you have relied on cookbooks in the past as well, it may be a shift that can happen for you too even if BLE is NOT your plan of choice.  Keep that in mind as you read on because it will get more general again after I share a bit of my specifics.

I started BLE in August 2017.  The plan is based upon structured meals. For me, that meant I was having 1 protein serving, 1 fat serving, and a whole bunch of veggies at dinner every single night.

My wife does most of the cooking and there certainly were nights where she or I would go hunting for a recipe. More often than not though, we would simplify the dinner decision to the basic components of the meal.  What proteins and what vegetables do we have on hand and how do we want them cooked?

I started experiencing success on BLE right away and quickly came to realize that Wildtree was pivotal to my happiness following the food plan.  I was still benefiting from the convenience of dried herbs without the hassle of needing to spend hours looking for recipes.

On a given night, after the protein and veggie decisions were made, we could reach into our pantry and choose one of our Wildtree options. No complicated mixing of 7 different spices to make the perfect blend. Just “what am I in the mood for?” Grab it, add it and DONE!

This convenience and variety was helping me signficantly change my eating. I wasn’t getting bored and I wasn’t needing to stress out. This was HUGE! This was the point at which my perspective really shifted.

There are so many diet books out there!  Some of them are certainly good but they all have a finite number of pages. Then there is the internet. Great resource!  I used to love browsing for the most highly rated recipes.  For me, the difficulty with the internet is in the time the curation process takes!  There are SO MANY RECIPES!  It’s a black hole that I could easily get lost in. It’s fun and necessary sometimes but not practical for my day to day.

For the first time, I was sensing a purpose in my continuing to be a Wildtree rep.  In the network marketing lingo, I was unearthing my “WHY”. Wildtree is this amazing resource for easy, tasty, and healthier cooking and it seems like very few people I know or come across have ever even heard of it. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

I’m on a mission now to share Wildtree with as many people as I can.  Wildtree can offer you something if you follow a specific food plan or if you don’t. If you or your loved ones have dietary restrictions or if you don’t.  If you are feeling trapped in a cookbook hell or in an internet sized black hole, Wildtree can help! I would LOVE to connect with you and figure out how Wildtree can lift some of that off of your shoulders.

Comment below what you find stressful about deciding what to cook on a given night. What tools have you used in the past?

I look forward to reading your thoughts!

By the way, I am an afilliate with Amazon which means if you decide to buy any of the products linked on my site you won’t pay anything extra but they’ll pay me a small amount for telling you about it.

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  1. I’d like to know more about your products and which ones are, as you mentioned on Susan’s VLOG, BLE compliant. Thank you.

    1. Hi Tati! Thank you for reaching out! Please send an email to or subscribe to the blog email list so that I have your email that way. Are you wanting the list that includes potential NMF after the first 3 ingredients? That is the guideline SPT recommends for “purchased products”. I can include them or not. Just let me know! In service and gratitude, Andrea

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