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I started following the Bright Line Eating food plan 174 days ago.   Once I made the decision to do it (as I wrote about here), I needed to figure out what I was supposed to eat.   TGFA. As in, thank God for Amazon.

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Getting Started on BLE

I found the book on Amazon and took advantage of the ‘Look Inside’ feature. Although not all the pages are available, the page that outlined the food plan was. Armed with enough information to get started, I also ordered the book.

The food plan is structured in such a way that each meal includes specific amounts and food groups. Foods are classified into those food groups: protein, grain, fruit, vegetable, or fat.  Easy enough!

Now that I’ve been eating this way for a while, I’ve realized that I depend on some foods as staples in my diet.  If these foods were obsolete tomorrow, my life would become a lot more complicated.

For context, here is the food plan I’m currently following on my weight maintenance journey.  Please note that this is MY plan. If you are looking for guidance on the BLE food plan, I recommend checking out the book (linked above) as a good starting point or heading to

Breakfast – 2 proteins, 1.5 grains, 1 fruit,  2 fats

Lunch – 1.5 protein, 1 grain, 1 fruit, 10oz veggies, 1 fat

Dinner – 1 protein, 1 grain, 10oz veggies, 1 fat

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My Bright Line Eating Staples

  1. Eggs – I love eggs. My normal breakfast includes 2 of them over-easy.  When I’m traveling, I’ll bring them hard-boiled.
  2. Cottage Cheese (aka c cheese)- If I’m packing my lunch and don’t have leftovers from the night before, there is a good chance that I am bringing 4oz of c cheese.
  3. Cheese Sticks – The ones I buy are 1oz each.  Packing two fulfills my protein need AND doesn’t require silverware or salt and pepper.
  4. Greek Yogurt –  I love using plain Greek yogurt as a base for a vegetable dip when I don’t want to cook something.  One serving is a full cup of yogurt which is A LOT!  Instead, I’ll measure out 1/2 cup of yogurt and add some Wildtree Dill Dip Blend,
  5. Peanut Butter – There are enough natural peanut butters out there now that finding one without sugar was really easy.  I like using it as 1/2 protein serving with my breakfast.
  1. Sprouted Grain Bread – I’m glad that bread is not a triggering food for me.  I’m a fan of Ezekial brand sprouted grain bread which we find in the frozen organic food aisle. Ezekial has several sugar free varieties and they keep well because we store them in our refrigerator once we open them.
  2. Triscuit Crackers – Triscuits travel so easily and 5 or 6 crackers usually works out to be exactly 1 grain serving by weight.  If I don’t have another option available, these are my go to grain for everything except breakfast. Some of the flavors do have non-BLE ingredients.  I stick to the Original flavor as much as I can.


  1. Almonds – Any nut would work but we are able to buy raw almonds in bulk at a reasonable price.  One positive is that our almonds last a lot longer now because a fat serving is only about 11-12 almonds.
  2. Butter – Butter lacks the convenience of something that I can eat by itself for my fat serving.  It makes up for it with it’s versatility.  Many meals involve butter on my grain or veggies.
  3. Grapeseed Oil – This one almost didn’t make the cut.  It is only in the past few weeks that I’ve started to enjoy having salads again and the Wildtree Grapeseed Oils have been such a blessing.  My two faves are the Roasted Garlic GSO and the Basil Pesto GSO.  One tablespoon of these on a bed of greens in bliss.  Check out our full selection of GSO here.


  1. Apples – Having a large breakfast in the mornings makes having a fruit that I can easily eat in my car a necessity.  I finish the rest of my breakfast and then eat my apple during the first part of my commute.  The fruit serving is technically 6oz.  I do NOT weight my fruits unless I am eating berries. I just grab an apple and go.
  2. Clementines – These are another fruit that travel well.  The ones I find in the store are on the small size so I eat 2 at a time rather than measuring out 6oz. I very rarely encounter seeds which is nice.
  3. Grapefruit – A few years ago, I would NEVER have envisioned grapefruit making my list of staple items. Once I discovered an effective way to eat them, my opinion of them changed significantly.  I HIGHLY recommend a grapefruit spoon.  They take a bit of practice but once you get it down, they make enjoying the fruit a lot easier


  1. Raw Veggies – More specifically, raw veggies that can be eaten plain, with the Greek yogurt dip I described above, or added to a simple salad.  My favorites are carrots, cucumbers, and grape tomatoes.
  2. Frozen Riced Cauliflower – Now that we follow Bright Line Eating, grain is not a regular part of our dinners any more.  Having riced cauliflower available has been really nice. In the past, we have riced our own cauliflower.  It’s turned out okay but it can too easily turn to puree.  I was thrilled when I found out that riced cauliflower was available in the grocery store freezer aisle.  It often costs more than doing it ourselves but the time saved and the reliable consistency are worth the extra cost

My goal in this post was to outline the foods which I would greatly miss if they weren’t available any more.  My hope is that you got some ideas of things you could easily incorporate into your day.

What are your food plan staples? I’d love to read about them in the comments.


7 Replies to “My Bright Line Eating Staples”

  1. Oh it’s interesting to see how others do their shopping! Mine is different living in South Africa! I usually get:
    I buy dry beans lentils and chickpeas in bulk and cook batches in my instant pot. I also have tempeh in the freezer and buy tofu every few weeks. I have frozen sardines in the freezer and buy a fresh portion of local oily fish like yellowtail every month. I make yoghurt in my instant pot, and kefir, and coconut yoghurt, and keep lots of different nuts and seeds in jars, including Chia, hemp and flax.
    I always have a third of an avocado for lunch, and have hemp seed and nuts and cheese. I buy goats cheese and steal some of my husbands blue cheese and cheddar. I have olive oil, coconut oil and ghee in the kitchen.
    Gluten free oats, quinoa, activated buckwheat, sweet potato, new potato.
    So plentiful here in South Africa… I eat half berries and half fresh seasonal fruit… Lychees, mango, grapes, figs, peaches, bananas, watermelon..
    I buy every 2 weeks from a local organic farm, and every other week half from organic supermarket, half from the normal supermarket. I eat a lot of flat leaf kale, broccolini, silverbeet, butternut, sweet potato, mushrooms, zucchini, salad leaves, tomato, cucumber, onions, leeks and then add in unusual veg for fun, like crazy squash, odd mushrooms, unusual greens like sorrel.
    I definitely don’t feel deprived on the BLE plan!
    Love your post, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I eat a lot more variety than I described in this post but these are my super convenient go-tos! There’s stuff you mentioned that I’ve never even heard of! So amazing how much variety there is!

  2. I enjoyed this post. Having some go to foods is so helpful! Here’s some of mine:

    Oatmeal, shredded whole wheat, Ezekiel cereal, Uncle Sam cereal, Triscuits. BTW, when I first cut out sugar and flour, I avoided grains. Started eating them when I did BLE boot camp and find them very helpful!

    I mostly avoid dairy, but regularly have an egg, flax milk with protein, walnuts in my oatmeal, and I often have turkey breast and pistachios in my salad at lunchtime. I often have lentils or black beans for one meal’s proteins, to reduce animal proteins.

    I have a lot of mixed berries and a little banana in my oatmeal every day and an apple for lunch almost every day. Keeps the doctor away!

    I make a chopped salad for lunch most days, with lettuce, celery, carrots, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, beets. For dinner, I often have roasted Brussels sprouts, roasted butternut squash, or steamed cauliflower.

    Most common are peanut butter or an oil, like avocado or olive. But, since I got a copper pan, I often cook, even fry an egg, without oil! I know fat is fine, but all the oil in our food may be what’s causing our omega 3:6 ratio to be so out of whack!

    Over 2 years eating this way, I’ve released all my excess weight –66 pounds — and, at age 58, am down to a weight and size (6) I hadn’t seen since college! And I love my food!

  3. A few of my staples, other than the wonderful ones that you listed above are:
    GRAIN: Fiber One and Rice Cakes (Lundberg Thin Stackers from Whole Foods — with peanut butter they make a yummy on-the-go breakfast.)
    FRUIT: Bananas and every berry out there
    VEGGIES: Roasted veggies (just fell in love with brussels sprouts after despising even the smell of them boiled for years!)
    I’m with you on the raw veggies. I have them in a nice tupperware container in my fridge with a dip (in my case, it’s a refrigerated salad dressing which are usually sugar free.) I pull them out for lunch and dinner and munch to my heart’s content. And before BLE the only veggies I liked were carrots and green beans. Now there’s not a veggie I don’t thoroughly enjoy!

    1. Hu Judy! Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

      I had a very hard time picking just the things I’d stuggle to get by without. I have a variety of other fruits I enjoy, including bananas, pineapple, and strawberries especially, but I would have an easier time doing without those if I had to.

      Roasted veggies are an absolute staple when we are home cooking. Brussel sprouts are a new favorite of mine too.

      Thanks again for your comment! Hope to hear from you again! Andrea

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