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Every Wednesday, Susan Pierce Thompson, the founder of Bright Line Eating , puts out a weekly video blog. I’ll link to it below if you want to watch it.  The topic for the week was the place of Bright Line Eating recipes within the food plan.  This really piqued my interest.  In this prior post, I talked about how I’m learning to break away from the cookbook mentality but I started reflecting even more on this topic as a result of the vlog.  This is an important topic and it warrants a bit more time and energy, hence this post.

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Food Neutrality

One gift of Bright Line Eating is freedom from food obsession.  One of the ways this used to manifest in my life was in the amount of time I spent browsing through delicious recipes that would pop up in my Facebook feed.  Once I started following the BLE food plan, my need and even desire to entertain those thoughts about food basically went away.

I don’t want to torture myself by watching videos of things that I would very intentionally choose not to eat.  And I really am CHOOSING not to eat that way.  Most days, I absolutely do not feel derived.  I have a peace around my eating and my weight that I have never experienced before. I have no desire to trade that peace for even a single bite of some recipe that would likely result in a craving for another bite, and then another. It’s just not worth it to me.

I have no difficulties with eating the same food for breakfast most days and I don’t expect my lunch to be super exciting.  If I’m lucky, I’m eating leftovers from last night’s dinner for lunch or turning to some of my BLE staples, which I talked about in this post.  It’s nice to have a bit more variety at dinner though! If BLE required me to eat the same exact thing, day in and day out, for the rest of my life, it would be a very hard pill to swallow.  I’m not sure if I could do it and then on top of it, I wouldn’t want to subject my wife and my child to that limited of a diet.  There has got to be some balance between food neutrality and food variety.

Recipes and DIY Spice Blends

Thoughtfully developed and tested recipes can be an amazing thing.  On a given night though, it can be really time consuming though to find one that is healthy, reliable, and comprised of ingredients I have on hand. Finding a good recipe requires advanced planning and potentially a good deal of curation.

I’ve also been a huge fan of spice blend recipes in the past and have made at least a few batches of DIY taco seasoning and seasoned salt.  Based upon my personal experience, I have some frustrations regarding this approach to spicing things up too.

1)  Not all spice blends are created equal.  Curation is going to be needed to find one that I like.

2) Spice blends can be time consuming to make up depending upon the number of spices involved.

3) Making them in bulk can save time but is only safe after I’ve tried it and liked it.

4) Spice blends almost always include a rarely used spice.  If I have it in my pantry, there’s a good chance it’s expired because of how rarely it’s used.  If I don’t have it in my pantry, then I’m going to need to buy a full jar of it in order to use 1/4 teaspoon or even less.  Ugh!

So, recipes are less than ideal and DIY spice blends are inconvenient.   Not mentioned above is that I no skill when it comes to seasoning things on my own.  Without a recipe to rely on, salt and pepper are the only spices I should be allowed to use and even that is questionable.   I understand that food without any seasoning can be delicious AND I also know that in order for a food plan to be sustainable for me, I need a bit of variety.

Reliable and Convenient Variety

This is where Wildtree products really come into play for me.  I started BLE at the end of August 2017.  I was already familiar with Wildtree and was able to quickly see how Wildtree could play a role in my new food plan.

Even if I never look at the Wildtree recipes, there are 69 products that comply with the rule of no flour or sugar within the first 3 ingredients.  Many of the products are thoughtfully developed spiced blends that can very easily be added to food without much forethought.  There are also marinades, sauces and the Wildtree grapeseed oils that can add variety whether I’m using them in my cooking pan, my salad bowl, or in my marinade bag.

Many nights, our dinner meal prep consists of thawing and prepping the proteins, vegetables, and grains and then deciding how they are going to be cooked.  After that decision is made, we’ll grab a couple seasonings and a oil from our pantry and season the food accordingly.  It doesn’t take long. We don’t need a bunch of different measuring devices.  It’s easy and it’s quick and   I know that the flavors will be balanced.  Wildtree’s staff and field representatives have done the work so that I can focus on more important things.   The variety of products that are available makes it possible for me to eat the same proteins and veggies frequently without getting bored.  This is ultimately what will make it possible to sustain this food plan and maintain my weight indefinitely.

Compatible Wildtree Products

I’ve compiled the list of Wildtree products that are compatible with the Bright Line Eating food plan based upon my review.  If you would like a copy of this list, please submit your name and email below and I will get it out to you right away!  The list will be most useful when viewed alongside the website: Wildtree with Christi and Andrea

If you would like to find out how Wildtree can meet your other dietary needs, please let me know.  This includes gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan among others.  I would love the opportunity to help you discover the Wildtree products that will meet all of your needs.  Email me at to get that conversation started.  Wildtree has played a major role in my weight loss and weight maintenance success.  I know it can make a difference for you too.

Susan Pierce Thompson’s 2/28/2018 Vlog

As promised above, here is the vlog that inspired this post.  For more information about Bright Line Eating visit

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