Potential Barriers to Eating Healthy – Convenience

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I recently polled people regarding the biggest challenges they face when it comes to eating healthy.

The first response I got was this: “My biggest challenge is convenience… if it takes less time to pop a frozen pizza in the oven than make a healthy salad, the pizza wins.” – Emma

I can definitely resonate with that!  Breaking the frozen pizza habit was a challenging one.  I was even content with eating the cheapo pizzas so it was convenient and relatively inexpensive.  A very nice combination! Not buying them anymore proved to be the only effective way to stop eating them.

A Convenient Meal = Several Convenient Elements

When I think about “convenience foods”, they come down to specific elements of a meal rather than a whole meal.  For example, if I were heating chicken nuggets or fish sticks in the oven I would be planning to serve them with something else  like mac and cheese and frozen veggies.  The key here is that multiple components would be needed to resemble a balanced meal.

When I think of a balanced healthier meal, I think of recipes.  Finding good recipes is often NOT very convenient.  This lack of convenience is exacerbated by the high probability that I won’t have all the ingredients on hand. So to eat healthy I need to 1)  find a recipe and 2) go to the store to get the ingredients.  Not gonna happen but nice try!

Enter Wildtree!  <cue the trumpets here>

Convenient and Healthy CAN Coexist!

With Wildtree’s spice blends, it’s once again possible to focus just on the basic components of the meal (protein, veggie, grain). After those details are decided you can pick a “flavoring” to suit your mood on a given night.

 One of our favorites is the Wildtree Scampi Blend. We just reach for the jar and spoon out what we need.  At this point, we’ve at least used it on chicken, shrimp, lobster and veggies. (Remember from this post that I’m not the primary cook.  There may be others that I’m not aware of.)  In order to make a comparable scampi blend from scratch we would need garlic, sugar, onion, salt, butter, parsley, and sherry wine. Then, we would need to figure out the right amount of each to make it tasty.  In this case, Wildtree definitely wins the convenience contest.

When it comes to this type of cooking, the biggest challenge in our household is ensuring that we have our protein thawed and ready to go.  We like to stock up when things are on sale. This means that things are getting stored in our freezer until we are ready to use them.  With the invention of the Instant Pot, thawed protein seems to be less of a concern but we have not yet hopped on that band-wagon ourselves. (One of these days it WILL happen!)

Assuming the protein is thawed, the time to cook some scampi seasoned protein, white rice, and frozen veggies could definitely compete with the time to bake a frozen pizza.  And what if it did take a bit longer? I would at least know that I was doing a service to my body by making the healthier choice even if it did mean a few extra minutes.

The Forgotten Frozen Pizza

Interestingly enough, in writing this post I remembered that I have a cauliflower crust pizza in the freezer right now.  It’s been in there for probably 6 weeks now which must mean that frozen pizza  doesn’t have the same pull as it did before!  It’s kinda nice to realize that considering a few years ago frozen pizza was on the menu 1-2 times per week.

Check out the Wildtree Blends, Rubs, and Seasonings products.  Which sound like they would be a nice addition to your pantry?

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